your first aid kit on hand First & kit means your complete
control over the home first aid kit
Forget about long hours searching for a required pill inside a huge
medicine chest… No more! You can check whether the medication
is available or not right from your iPhone! If not, then just add it to
a smart shopping list.
Why do I need exactly first&kit?
First aid kit is an important part of
healthy life, isn’t it? Let’s organize your
medicine chest and make it available
right from the smartphone!
You are free to create different lists
of medications for home, car and
other places where you usually keep
a first aid kit.
In-app shopping list is a super solution
for every busy user! You are always
aware of finished remedies to buy them
in advance.
How can I get complete
control over my first aid kit?
Quantity monitoring
Wanna find out which pills are
nearly finished? Our app is here
to do this instead of you!
Shelf life monitoring
First&Kit is always on guard of your
medications and their expiration
date. No chance to miss it!
Helpful notifications
If the expiration date of some
items is too close, then First&Kit
will warn you in advance!
Will it be comfortable
enough for me?
It is easy and fast to add a new
medication to your first aid kit. Just
enter its name, quantity, expiration
date and photo. Done!
Can’t find the item right away? Sort
the list of remedies by category,
date, name or other parameters to
find a right pill sooner.
Can’t recall what the pill is for? Tap
on its name and read everything
from the item’s description created
by you at the beginning.